Discover How Flyability and WinCan Integration Will Change The Way You Perform Wastewater Inspection and Management

Maintaining sewers starts with understanding sewer conditions

WinCan makes it easy to collect detailed, standards-compliant inspection data. When combined with Flyability’s Elios 2 drone it offers an end to end solution to perform sewer inspections remotely, in a fast and secure way.

Data importation

Easily import inspection data captured with the Elios 2 and processed with Inspector 3.0 directly into WinCan VX and WinCan Web. The import functionality recognizes Flyability file format and parses it to extract all the information needed to import all points of interest, pictures, and video. Observation distances and section length are automatically calculated from the trajectory file.


Document your point of interests

Once the data is imported you can find all your points of interest in WinCan’s software along the inspected sewer section. Observation distance is indicated relatively to the starting point of the sewer section. All the information you entered in Inspector 3.0 when reviewing points of interest is automatically imported into observation points in WinCan’s software. You can then work as usual on your WinCan project to finalize your inspection. If you add more observation points, distance from the beginning of the sewer section is calculated automatically.



Share your data

All the data is fully compatible with WinCan Web. Data can be uploaded to WinCan Cloud at the push of a button and shipped to your end customer.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites to using Flyability and WinCan integration?

You need:

An Elios 2 package (Light, Premium, or Enterprise)
A valid Inspector 3.0 Premium license
A valid WinCan VX Expert or WinCan Web license. To activate the drone import button, you’ll need to contact our and they will activate it.

How precise is the distance calculation?

Compared to effective posture length, we have achieved an accuracy between 99.28% and 99.88% during test flights (with a posture length of 184.39m). The more precisely the beginning or the end of the tube is marked in the #Inspector software, the better the result will be. A trajectory that is as straight as possible also has a positive effect on the calculation. Whereby we already take out the extreme peaks in the calculation.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the WinCan license and the Elios 2 package you chose. You must contact Flyability and WinCan separately to get a quote for their respective products.

Is it sold as a bundle?

No. The hardware and software must be purchased separately from their respective manufacturers: Flyability for the Elios 2 package and the Inspector 3.0 software and WinCan for WinCan VX or WinCan Web.

How does the integration work?

Watch this video to see how the integration works.