Indoor Photogrammetry


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Mapping the great indoors

Photogrammetry is an art on top of being a complex science. The Indoor Photogrammetry Training helps you acquire solid theoretical and practical foundations to gather data for photogrammetry. Get a thorough expertise in indoor 3D mapping and secure the highest success rate with all your photogrammetry projects.

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Indoor Photogrammetry Training

Training details

Format: Online

Level: Advanced

Participants: Up to 2 different logins

Duration: 2 days

Theory: 60%

Practice: 40%

Price: 1000CHF

Course overview


Be familiar with PIX4Dmapper. If you have limited or no experience with PIX4Dmapper, please contact us before booking your training. We’ll explore options for you to get trained on PIX4Dmapper ahead of your photogrammetry training. 

The Indoor Photogrammetry Training is intended for pilots and operators who have previously completed the Introductory Training.


  • The basics of photogrammetry and how it impacts indoor data capture
  • Define flight path with the highest success rate in photogrammetry
  • Extract photogrammetry data set from a video stream
  • Create 3D models using PIX4Dmapper


  • Planning for data capture in various environments
  • Practice indoor data set capture
  • Extracting data set from video stream
  • Processing data set with PIX4Dmapper


  • Practical experience
  • Understanding of the photogrammetry basics
  • Readiness to capture indoor data sets for photogrammetry
  • Tips and tricks from professional pilots
  • Indoor Photogrammetry Data Capture Certificate

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